Temporary Pause

Dear friends,

The few initial screenings of our Wendell Berry documentary have been encouraging both in terms of audience reactions and critical reception.  After working in comparative obscurity for years, it's exciting to see the effects of the work as it reaches others.   Sometimes this process is almost metronomically predictable.  Play at Festivals. Sell to Distributor.  Do some interviews.  Start thinking about next project.  Sometimes however, the presence of the work in the world prompts entirely unexpected opportunities and developments.  In our case, it's prompted us to withdraw the film to make some small changes and corrections.  

We expect to relaunch our revisions soon so please watch this space!


OBVIOUS questions:

When will the film be available for purchase?

We do not have a date yet.  We wish we did, but our recent news has forced us to pause our self-distribution plans. 

When will Kickstarter rewards be fulfilled?

Happily, almost all Kickstarter rewards were promised for December 2016 / January 2017.  And we still are on track for those dates.   

Is there a way to pre-order?

Many people have written us asking to pre-order the film.  Your wish is our command.  You can now pre-order a Blu-Ray Disc here.  Your credit card will not be charged until your disc is fulfilled. 


Please fill out our Screening Requests form.  Developments have forced us to discontinue screenings in the immediate future.  However, we've heard from hundreds of you so far and hope to announce options for screenings within the next six months.