The Seer Festival Movie Poster

We are thrilled to be able to share THE SEER's Festival Movie Poster with you first.  The poster features an achingly beautiful wood engraving by Wesley Bates.  Wesley is among the most talented living wood engravers in the world.  His imaginative and idealistic images have accompanied Wendell Berry's texts for decades, especially his limited-run works of letterpress poetry.  If you are unfamiliar with woodcuts, they are exactly what they sound like. Wesley hand etched this image out of a single block of wood.     


Wood Engraving by Wesley Bates.  Type/Layout design by Mark Melnick

Designer Mark Melnick provided typography and layout for the poster (and typeset many elements in the film itself). The typeface Portrait (Commercial Type / Berton Hasebe, 2013) was utilized throughout; its simplistic angles and almost spartan shapes felt decidedly unmodern, though its many optical weights proved highly versatile.