Recently Unearthed UNFORESEEN Press Conference

Took the weekend to do a big garage cleanout.  In the process, we unearthed this never-before seen press conference for The Unforeseen. Exec Producer Bob Redford joined director Laura Dunn and D.P. Lee Daniel to talk with reporters at the Alamo Drafthouse.   Those familiar with Alamo (a.k.a. the greatest movie theater in the world!) may get a kick out of watching at 26:08, as Alamo founder and foremost-terror-of-disruptive-moviegoers Tim League tries to bait Redford into giving an impromptu "Don't Talk during the Movie" PSA:

Bob: "Does that happen here?"

Tim: "We're pretty militant about throwing people out..." (An epic understatement.)

Hope you enjoy this bit of Two Birds history.